Cupcakes and Candlesticks (Linford Romance Library (Large Print))
(ISBN: 978-1-4448-2478-0 / 1-4448-2478-3 )

Released 1st July 2015, available from Amazon UK print on demand (Large Print). Also on Kindle here Cupcakes and Candlesticks and from UK libraries.

Cupcakes and Candlesticks SM500 sizeWhen Maddy’s husband Rob suddenly announces that he’s leaving her and moving to Canada with is pretty young employee, her world comes crashing down. As Rob’s promises of financial support prove worthless, Maddy finds herself under growing pressure to forge a new life for herself and her four children. She decides to start a catering business, but will it earn enough money – and is that what she really wants? And then she meets the gorgeous Guy in the strangest of circumstances…

Robert Hale bought Nora’s first romance for the Rainbow Romance series. They went on to buy several more. These were then taken on by Thorpe Large Print, who also took a My Weekly novella. Thorpe also bought ‘Love Thine Enemy’, a romance set against the backdrop of the second world war, as detailed below.

TropicalMadness cover 500Tropical Madness –  Large Print edition to be released early 2016 and available from UK libraries. Also available now on Kindle.

Serena agrees to meet her brother, Chris, for a quiet drink so why is Jake Andrews, journalist and adventurer, there in the bar with him? Still grieving for Tim, Serena’s not looking for romance. It gets worse when Chris explains that Jake is about to leave for a mission in Africa but needs a doctor, preferably a paediatrician, to accompany him. She is exactly that and she realises she’s been lured into a trap of her brother’s making. He knows she won’t be able to refuse to help when sick and injured children are involved. She’s familiar with the terrain and her new job doesn’t start yet so, reluctantly and thinking of those children, she boards the plane with Jake. He’s not keen on taking her, a beautiful blonde, either, knowing it’s a dangerous, strife-ridden area. Their worst fears are realised when on landing they are surrounded by a group of hostile rebels. The only way Jake can protect her is by claiming they are married and that his ‘wife’ is pregnant…

Twentieth-Century Pirate (Hale and Linford Romance Library in Large Print)
(ISBN: 0708975453 / 0-7089-7545-3 )

Verna goes to Italy to pay her respects to her young love, Gianni. His mother, Maddalena, welcomes her but Luke, his handsome half-brother, blames Verna for Gianni’s death and for wrecking his own career.
Maddalena’s god-daughter, Franca, was always jealous of Verna. She wanted Gianni and now she warns her off Luke. But surely Luke despises her? When Franca is kidnapped Luke insists on Verna staying till she is found. Why? And why can Verna not bear the thought of witnessing their reunion?

To Sara – With Love (Linford Romance) (ISBN: 0708976166 / 0-7089-7616-6 )

Sara agrees to help an old friend down on her luck but what has she let herself in for? She creeps in while a party is in full swing to return the jewels Karen stole in a fit of pique from her stepbrother, Grant, and reclaims the replica set. She has been tricked, though, and Grant catches her making off with priceless heirlooms. He decides to punish her by parading her as his fiancée in front of an old flame who has recently married. Against all odds she falls in love with him. When he is caught in a compromising situation with the old flame he insists on Sara marrying him – but only for a year. What is she to do?

Pictures in Provence (Hale and Linford Romance)
(ISBN: 0708975135 / 0-7089-7513-5 ).

PicturesIP- Old-sm 20140615_123149

Joanna’s first love is art although, to please her mother, she is in Paris to study music. Lured into a gallery by an exquisite landscape painting she is astonished to find a portrait of herself among the exhibits.
The attractive gallery owner, Gilles Ledoux, invites her to the opera, after which he seems to get cold feet and avoids her. When she has an accident and can’t play her violin she accepts a summer job at his home in Provence. She knows the artist who painted her lives nearby so why won’t Gilles introduce them. Could he be jealous?

Storm Damage (Hale and Linford Romance) (ISBN: 0708977391)

Guy Devereau erupts into Poppy’s life one wild October night, a casualty of the storm. The power lines are down, it’s freezing cold and, delirious, Guy hauls her into his bed. How better to obey doctor’s orders to keep him warm.
The following morning Poppy discovers, firstly, that Guy is the wicked absentee landlord who wants her to vacate the cottage and, secondly, that his injury has affected his memory – he has totally forgotten the previous night.
How can she remind him when the glamorous Nerissa turns up to claim him as her fiancé? But why does Guy keep finding excuses to be with Poppy, objecting to any male who shows an interest?

Secret Love/Vienna Masquerade (My Weekly Story Library and Linford Romance)
(ISBN: 0708950388 / 0-7089-5038-8) (under Nora Fountain)


On the death of her beloved grandmother, Kristal Hastings goes to Austria in search of relatives she has never met.  She meets Rodolfo Gustav von Steinberg, the young cousin of Baron Gustav von Steinberg, who had been her grandmother’s lover when they were young. An instant attraction flares between them.  But how can she give her love to Rudi when he is already promised to another…?

Love Thine Enemy Only in large print. Available on Kindle.

In Paris 1939, with the world on the brink of war, Helen Latimer, of a good English family, falls in love with Max, a handsome and wealthy young German.  When Helen becomes pregnant they plan to leave France for neutral Portugal, but Max is kidnapped by his brother Hermann’s Nazi henchmen.  Helen’s brother persuades her to return to England. Hermann convinces Max that Helen has had his child aborted.  Max marries Margrethe, the sister of Hermann’s wife. Helen marries Charles’s friend, Roland, who knows she’s pregnant but who’s always fancied her.  However, Helen and Max are destined to meet again in war-torn Europe…