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TropicalMadness cover 500Tropical Madness – Kindle            Released September 2015

Serena agrees to meet her brother, Chris, for a quiet drink so why is Jake Andrews, journalist and adventurer, there in the bar with him? Still grieving for Tim, Serena’s not looking for romance. It gets worse when Chris explains that Jake is about to leave for a mission in Africa but needs a doctor, preferably a paediatrician, to accompany him. She is exactly that and she realises she’s been lured into a trap of her brother’s making. He knows she won’t be able to refuse to help when sick and injured children are involved. She’s familiar with the terrain and her new job doesn’t start yet so, reluctantly and thinking of those children, she boards the plane with Jake. He’s not keen on taking her, a beautiful blonde, either, knowing it’s a dangerous, strife-ridden area. Their worst fears are realised when on landing they are surrounded by a group of hostile rebels. The only way Jake can protect her is by claiming they are married and that his ‘wife’ is pregnant…
Amazon Kindle Edition – Tropical Madness on Kindle


 Blackthorn Child – Kindle              88% of reviewers gave 5 stars

Henry, Lord Downley, and his French wife, Marie-Isabel, have everything except an heir. Henry adores their first-born daughter but longs for a son. Their second child is almost due when Marie-Isabel takes a fateful trip alone into the woods she loves. Caught in a snowstorm and in labour, she takes refuge in Betsy Sweetapple’s cottage. Betsy was dismissed by Henry for immoral behaviour. Now Betsy has given birth to a stillborn daughter. Impassively she watches Marie-Isabel die, giving birth to a strong, healthy son. Seeing a chance to avenge imagined wrongs, she swaps babies. Julian, the blackthorn child, is eventually rescued from a hellish childhood but the estate has been vested in his sister’s line. The whole truth only emerges on Betsy’s death-bed. Can the estate ever be restored to its rightful owner?
Amazon Kindle Edition – Blackthorn Child on Kindle

Cupcakes and Candlesticks – Kindle also available in large print

When Maddy’s husband Rob suddenly announces that he’s leaving her and moving to Canada with is pretty young employee, her world comes crashing down. As Rob’s promises of financial support prove worthless, Maddy finds herself under growing pressure to forge a new life for herself and her four children. She decides to start a catering business, but will it earn enough money – and is that what she really wants? And then she meets the gorgeous Guy in the strangest of circumstances…
Amazon Kindle Edition – Cupcakes and Candlesticks on Kindle

Pictures in Provence – eBook Published NovemberPix In Provence smx500 2014

The most perilous landscape is hidden in the heart….
When Joanna wanders into a Paris gallery, her fascination with the stunning landscapes of Jean Duval turns to amazement as she discovers one of his portraits contains a familiar face – her own. Why would a famous artist she’s never met paint a picture of a barely-out-of-school concert violinist?

Confusion takes a back seat to her visceral attraction to the gallery’s handsome owner, Gilles Ledoux. A man whose piercing eyes and elegant bearing veil a passion he unleashes behind closed doors.

After a magical night at the opera that ends in a luscious kiss, though, Gilles puts distance between them, literally and figuratively. But when a mishap puts her musical career on hold, suddenly Gilles is back, sweeping her off to recuperate at his estate in Provence.

Once there, mystery clouds what should have been a blissful interlude. Why won’t Gilles introduce her to the artist who lives next door – the one whose paintings fill Gilles’ Paris gallery? Is it jealousy…or something connected to her tragic past?

Storm Damage – eBook published December 2014

Storm-Damage cover

 As the power lines come down, the night heats up.

So the Devereau lawyers expect Poppy Winters to quietly vacate the beloved Dorset cottage in which she was born? Not bloody likely. Poppy’s family tree is as firmly planted in Cranford Hall soil as any blue-blooded Devereau, and she will not be moved.

The injured man who crashes into her living room, accompanied by a howling winter storm, shakes her composure to the core. Especially when a power outage forces them to keep each other warm till morning.

But with the dawn comes a shocking realization: he has no memory of the previous night, but he remembers his name. Guy Devereau, the new owner of Cranford Hall. And he’s got a woman – Nerissa – claiming to be his fiancée.

Yet as winter’s chill settles in, Guy slowly and not-so-subtly disturbs her life in every wicked way—her knitwear business, her body, her soul…and her heart.
This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in 1993 by Robert Hale, Ltd. 

Vienna Masquerade – eBook published 20th January 2015


Love is fluent in every language…

Upon the death of her beloved grandmother, public relations executive Kristal Hastings is alone in the world – or, at least, in England. When she gets off the plane in Austria, she doesn’t expect an overly warm welcome from the relatives she’s never met – distant half-cousins, their connection a youthful affair Kristal’s grandmother had with the von Steinberg patriarch.

The chauffeur and sleek black limo that greets her is quite a surprise. So is the intense, hazel-eyed stare of the man waiting for her in the back. If Rodolfo Wolfgang Gustav von Steinberg thinks six-feet-four of designer-suited muscle will intimidate her, he has another think coming.

Despite Rodolfo’s suspicion regarding her motives, instant attraction flares between them. But the heat of new love is tempered by a very old-world custom, for Rodolfo is promised to another…
This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in 1994 by My Weekly Story Library.

ToSarah-smTo Sara – with Love – eBook

Published June 2014

No good deed goes unpunished… When Sara agrees to do a favour for a good friend, she thinks she is righting a wrong. Replacing jewels stolen in a fit of pique, she is saving her friend from her step-brother’s wrath. But when she’s caught in the act, Sara learns the horrible truth – she is actually stealing the real jewels!

When Grant catches the little thief with her hand in the safe, he decides to use what fate has dropped into his lap. Forcing her to pose as his fiancée to help ward off an aggressive old flame, Grant quickly decides to take the charade a step further and marry his little thief.
But a marriage under false pretenses begins to feel all too real as Sara and Grant struggle to find a way to turn blackmail and deception into love. This Retro Romance reprint was originally published in May 1991 by Robert Hale, Ltd.

TwentiethCenturyPirate72web500pixelTwentieth Century Pirate – eBook

Published August 2014

He plots to steal her heart…and in the process loses his own.

For six years Verna has sent roses to the grave of her first love, Gianni, on the anniversary of his death. But now she’s come to his Tuscany village to pay her respects one last time before moving on with her life.

She never expected to run into his half-brother Luciano, whose Mediterranean-blue eyes narrow with disdain – and a brief flicker of vulnerability – the moment their gazes clash. 

When Luke Valentini spots the woman he holds responsible for his brother’s death, he can’t resist confronting his nemesis. But the ice-blonde beauty is no longer a timid teenager – she’s cool personified. To make sure she doesn’t cause his family more trouble, he throws his weight around to ensure there’s only one place left in town – his – in order to keep an eye on her every curvy move.

Verna had planned to complete her mission and slip away unnoticed, but before she knows it she and Luke are in an emotional tangle that’s heating up by the second…and gets even knottier when a kidnapping turns every accusing eye her way. This Retro Romance reprint was originally published by Robert Hale, Ltd.


Jilted – Kindle

Jilted by Tim, while dressing for her wedding, Sam’s first instinct is to escape. Tim has rushed off to Paris and into the arms of a former girlfriend. Where better for Sam to go than the empty villa in Lanzarote where she and Tim were to have spent their honeymoon?

Tim’s odious stepbrother, Adam, makes it perfectly plain that, in his opinion, she has brought the situation entirely upon herself. Why then does he turn up in Lanzarote? And why does he start being nice to her? She must be careful – it would be all too easy to fall for someone on the rebound, someone as attractive as Adam.
Amazon Kindle Edition – Jilted on Kindle


Harriet’s Castle – Kindle

Harriet’s future looks precarious. As main carer for her brother, Jamie, injured in the accident that killed their parents, she is worried they may lose their home, a cottage tied to her late father’s job at the nearby castle, when the unknown new owner arrives.
Now her job is under threat with possible closure of the school where she teaches. Jamie is expected to make a good recovery and is considering returning to his law studies. Whatever will become of Harriet?
Amazon Kindle Edition – Harriet’s Castle on Kindle

YES-Mr-Winterton-sm Yes, Mr Winterton – Kindle

A collection of short stories by Nora Fountain. The stories are:
Yes, Mr Winterton – a girl can dream…
Birthday Girl – letting go, moving on
Best man – but is he really the best?
Model Girl – a job for Amanda
Bingo – ready for change
Own Goal – Winners and Losers

Amazon Kindle Edition – Yes, Mr WInterton on Kindle


Chain of Evil – Kindle

Adam and Rosie’s happiness is almost tangible, a fact which is very much resented by Rosie’s stepbrother, Greg Phillips. He envies them to the point of madness and schemes to get his hands on their money. Fuelled by drug addiction, he is prepared to kill to get what he wants, and he does. His devious plot results in Adam being locked up for Greg’s crimes. Rosie befriends a young girl, Cindy, who is in trouble and who may be the only person who can identify the real killer. Discovering this, Greg takes to stalking Cindy and injures her little boy. When he turns up at Rosie’s isolated home, drugged to the eyeballs, she keeps up the pretense of not knowing he is the killer but in the end he abducts her and forces her to face her worst demons.
Amazon Kindle Edition – Chain of Evil on Kindle

Love Thine Enemy Kindle

In Paris 1939, with the world on the brink of war, Helen Latimer, of a good English family, falls madly in love with Max, a handsome and wealthy young German.  When Helen becomes pregnant they plan to leave France for neutral Portugal, but Max is kidnapped by his brother Hermann’s Nazi henchmen.  Helen’s brother persuades her to return to England and Hermann convinces Max that Helen has had his child aborted.  Max then marries Margrethe, the sister of Hermann’s wife, and Helen married Charles’s friend, Roland.  However, Helen and Max are destined to meet again in war-torn Europe…
Amazon Kindle Edition – Love Thine Enemy on Kindle

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